Project Details


Suburban or Rural

Size: 95,000 S.F. New Construction

Site: Suburban or Rural


Project Description

A sustainable building aids in fostering community. Our design includes an education facility, multi-purpose gymnasium, cafe, and an outdoor amphitheater which encourages members of the congregation to socialize. It also provides an opportunity for ministry to the general public.

Spirituality is often described as a journey. This design serves as both a metaphor and physical manifestation of this journey. Upon entering a vast lobby, occupants follow a passageway that is initially wide, but shrinks in width and grows in height as one ascends the gently sloped walk. The narrow passageway releases the occupants into a larger daylight transitional space where the wood veneer walls and ceiling seem to soar. This transitional space prepares one’s spirit before they enter the sanctuary for communal worship. In the sanctuary, daylight radiates throughout the space through a glazed southern wall, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Sustainable features include the use of underground parking to reduce the heat island effect, geothermal heating and cooling systems, photo-voltaic electric producing panels, and exterior louvered shading devices to control solar heat gain.

Our proposal for this church represented a strategy that explored the integration of sustainable design into the human experience in order to make a vital and cohesive environment for present and future generations.