Net Gain Field House

Project Details

Type: Sports Field House

Size: 80,000 S.F.

Site: Suburban

Project Description

The Net Gain Field House is envisioned as the new premier preparation and performance facility of the south side of Indianapolis. The all-inclusive 80,000-square-foot complex features six high-quality hardwood maple volleyball and basketball courts with plenty of surrounding seating and facility amenities, making it perfect for weeknight practices and weekend tournaments. The main court features a collegiate-sized basketball court and is large enough to seat 200 to 300 people. The other five courts are high school size and include seating for fifty to 100 spectators. Every detail of Net Gain Field House is designed with tournaments and large crowds in mind. The wide main corridor serving the courts provides plenty of space for teams to assemble before and after their scheduled games. The building features a large lobby and concessions area with seating, a referee lounge, a conference room, plenty of restrooms and storage, and a recovery and physical therapy center. In addition to boasting adequate space for weekday practices and hosting weekend tournaments, Net Gain Field House also includes retail, physical therapy, training, and office spaces for use throughout the week. The Net Gain Field House’s economical design makes it easy to build and maintain. The steel frame design can be erected quickly and easily, and it allows for large open spaces. Ground mounted heating and cooling units make maintaining the mechanical systems easier. With its ample space and amenities, the Net Gain Field House will quickly become the most sought-after performance facility in the area.