Project Description

Round House by Carlson is a sanctuary from the outside world. Upon entering the main foyer, you’re greeted with the sounds of a water fountain. This peaceful transition from the world outside lets you know you have arrived at your oasis. Your sanctuary. Your home.

At the center of the home, a spiral staircase with a skylight connects the house’s two levels. The bedrooms are secluded in the home’s north side, providing privacy and quiet spaces for unwinding. A spacious open living area and kitchen are perfect for entertaining family and friends or lazy afternoons reading on the couch. The home’s brick walls, tile floors, wood beams, and ample windows create a warm, inviting space to settle into.

No matter the season, you’ll feel comfortable and cozy inside this one-of-a-kind home. The home’s unique round form is designed with solar orientation and energy efficiency in mind. The south side of Round House by Carlson features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, while the north wall is mostly solid brick. Large overhangs to the south shade the interior in the summer and allow direct sunlight into the space during the winter. The central skylight floods the home with natural light year-round, providing the optimum lighting conditions to warm the space.

Round House by Carlson is a post and beam construction made of durable natural materials, including wood, brick, and stone. The home’s exterior and interior brick walls help keep the house’s temperature regulated and energy efficient all year long. You won’t want to leave this warm, comforting sanctuary of a home.